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9:07 AM

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Now I'm berehat sekejap before another client's visiting. Yeah totally 100% in SALE!
Hate it but I guess it's for a moment only. For those who in sales they will understand me!

This week is my 3rd week back to working mother's life. Dah try and error with a few wake up clock. The best is 6am. By 7.15am I need to send my boys to babysitter's house. Ooowhh dear, I just hope the time is longer, so I can spend lots of time with this tiny-attention-seeker-men! I come back at 7pm, to pick them up. Sometime I cried because of this situation.

Since last pregnancy I not take leave for my check up, now I to replace my hours. By 8am should reach office and by 6pm going home. I have like few weeks more to replace the hours and later I can have more morning session with my babies. Bertabahlah wahai hati!

So nak share something dengan peminat Subway. Who loves the cookies?? Have anyone tried?

I currently dengan officemate suke giler kot cookies ni, especially White Macademian Cookies! Yang lain tu tak berapa sangat. My obsession begin with Macademian Garret Popcorn, since then love love love macademian. Then my colleague bought a Macademian Cake in-conjunction of my boss birthday. 

kedai bawah ofis

it's big crunchy at the side and chewy in the middle...

My sister in law pun suka gak. Luckily dalam famili ade fan Subway Cookies. Now dah x pandang Famous Amos tu.
Daiman 2 months old

Sedikit kisah pasal little boss ni. At 1 month old die dah mula membebel. Dah pandai memberi respon (kuarkan bunyi) bila kite meng-agah die. Cepat sunggoh ko membesar nak, clock please stop ticking! 

At 2 months few days ago die dah mula ketawa sedikit besar.  ambooiii... Nampaknye tumbesaran die cepat ckit dr abang. Daiman, mummy have u currently to enjoy ur baby mode ok. Bukan suh awak cepat2 grow.. 
And he's now 5.6kg. He's a mummy's milk champion. And semalam update from babysitter, die dah pandai bukak stoking. haiihhh...

Bertelur di dahi

Ni abanglong kawasan, semalam dahi dah bertelur. Agak teruk dari mana-mana kemalangan kecil di rumah sebelum ni. Mummy feeding kan baby kat atas. So tak tau cerita sangat. And daddy plak tak tengok dia ni. Yang pasti die terhantuk meja makan. Mula2 tu tgk sedih gak, muka die worried la. Berkerut dahi. Then I bantai gelak, asked him "Ajan ok?!..haa notty lg. Bengkak teruk nih. Kene jumpe Doktor." Terus die nangis. Wakaka. Siyesly funny tgk muka die with the benjol. Then I picit2 tanye sakit tak, die jawab tak. Mean he's ok la tu. Biasalah 'Anak Jantannnnn'.

Ps: yesterday entry which upload this morning, laptop issue!

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