Thursday, March 26, 2009

Always be my dreams


I just wake up from big things today!..Wake up from a NightMare!
There might be some changes here,..
I dunno if people can adapt with it or not...let just see!

Now i'm at the bottom, down...
Lots of things in my mind that make me wana scream out loud!
But when i try to open my mouth, the words stuck at my throat! Cant phrase it at all
Later end up.....i cried myself to bed!
That the only best way i can ever do at the moment!

Why simple things can become so complicated?? Are we supposed to simplify our life?? or make it more miserable?

What i want is something simple,..short term mission! simple target,..If this thing accomplish, insyallah we going to get the vision right..

The things that i want is something that i dreamed long time ago!..A few did try to crash it,..but i believed that i'm strong,..and i would achieve this dreams...but there is a few things need to be done to make my dreams become a reality!

Pray hard to Allah,...only HE knew what inside my heart and my mind! And me, i wont give up to make sure it will be mine and i would like to share it with U! But please dunt mess up with sumthing else,..lets LOVE be just LOVE, dun ruin it with unnecessary we are in the politics but dun ruin it with money!

The more we think (over think!),..the more we worried about it (we become freak),..we know there is a possibility,..doesnt really matter it is gud or least we try! we r human, n we r not perfect but we learnt!

At this moment, i'll do what i've got to do,..Hopefully Allah will help me through this journey..

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