Friday, March 27, 2009

For Sakinah


These are the phrase that i got from For Sakinah. It's a book which i wish to have last year. Maybe later i would like MPH to get this book for me! I wana prepared myself with knowledge before getting married, setidak2nya aku menjadi antara org2 yang terdidik hatinya...dan bile terbaca kisah di bawah ni, tersentuh hati kecil ku...


"My daughter once asked me if her father and I were “soul mates”. I responded quickly that, unfortunately, we were not. I told her that, as I understood the concept of soul-mates, these were heavenly matches that are exceedingly rare. I said that soul mates are perfectly matched in every respect; having the same thoughts, enjoying the same things and cooperating with such synchronicity that their lives seem to be joined as if in a single stream of easily guided energy that flows peacefully from one soul to the other without interruption.

My marriage, though blessed abundantly, certainly did not fit this description. While in most areas my love and I are well matched, in other ways we are utterly incompatible. Although we love to spend time sharing ideas and dreams with one another, at other times there are barriers to communication that are so severe that we withdraw inwardly—as if having concluded a silent agreement to conserve precious energy rather than waste time trying to convey any thought or idea to the other. While energy levels do flow smoothly at times between my spirit and his, connecting us as if in one mind; there are times when severe electrical storms cloud and corrupt the trust that is needed to restore our universe to its precious calm. “No”, I repeated to my daughter, “your dad and I are not soul mates because that kind of relationship and state of relatedness is very, very rare.”

Some days later, I recalled our conversation and began to think that I might have been wrong. Perhaps soul-mates were not perfectly compatible in all ways. Could soul-mates also be so when two souls are brought together by GOD to assist and inspire the other towards achieving their own highest personal destiny? Perhaps soul-mates are best designated as such, when they are challenging one another to forgive, grow, repent and change. When I explained this to my daughter, she smiled in her special way—a smile that informed me that she agreed with me completely, and that she’d known this already...."

Hard to define the words soulmate....but i think we can be our partner soulmate if we understand why are we married to our partner at the first place! So betul kan lah niat tu before menghenjut tangan tok Kadi tanda menerima sebuah tanggungjawab!

Jodoh itu adalah rahsia Allah,..dan setiap ketentuan pasti ada hikmah dari-Nya...
Aku yang berdoa,..biarlah jodoh ku di dunia adalah jodoh ku di akhirat juga..AMIN~

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Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

eh bagus buku ni..brapa RM ni?ade lagu 1 buku yg story dr awal cari pasangan sampai la nk dpt anak.tak slp gerbang perkahwinan.RM56 mase kat pesta buku.cume 1 je,buku die besar n hard cover.potensi nk bace sgt la rendah sbbnye - BERAT!hahaah

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