Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where it's begin...

Salam Sayang,

We are who we are, one can change us unless we want it to be change!

As pepel can see the ticker on top, it's shown that we've been together for almost 3 years now.

How did we met? huurmm...dont be shock if i tell ya that i knew him from Yahoo Messenger! yep..yep..yep! Well most pepel wont be shock anymore with nowadays technology. What i know, after i clashed with my 2nd XBF. If Allah give me a chance to luv again, i want to luv someone stranger. Someone that i dun even barely know. Someone that i can luv without any kind of conditions. But i can learn to luv him..til today still learning!

It was 10 January 2006, what i remembered it's also Raya Haji. After bzied clean up messy stuff downstairs, i online my ym with ID XXXXX. And he's using Kuchikuchikun. I was pissed off that night, as he asked me if i'm actually online looking for a boyfriend. I'm blushed!! We cont chat/quarell until my uncle wana sent me back to my hostel. Too bad when i was in my hostel, i realized my laptop with my cousin. Dang! Cant cont fighting with him that night!! The next day we totally forgot what are we quarelling about...

Well i did met a few chatters from the net. But he was charming that night, among the rest that i've met. Never expected to fall in luv with him since my experience tought me a lot not to be drift away again. But at the end...after a few meet ups...we declare as a caple on 17 October 2006(24 Ramadhan).

Along the way til today,..we've been through ups and down. Tipu la kalo xde kan! Masa awal2 dulu lg la, ade je yg x kene. If not from his side, it will be on my side. But we learnt from each other goods and bads. Insyallah we'll learn more...

With all my luv.

3 baby's note!:

NenekPenne said...

i wrote in BM lah bcos my English are soo dam bad.... :P

i'm shock that u met him through YM...tak per..

mana ada marriage yang perfect... so masing2 ada keburukan dan masing2 ada kelebihan...each other should tolerate.. tapi tak best bila ada pihak ketiga dalam hidup..depends laa samada si lelaki atau pun si perempuan yang ada affairs...

opss i tak leh nak komen byk2 pasal marriage sebab marriage i kecundang... heh!

NahiZ (chynk) said...

i'll learn from u nenekpenne..

based on my observation... for the 1st 5 or 10 years...there will b Dugaan kan?!!..

Org ketiga now lebiy kejam dr back stabber!
Lebiy dasyat dr musuh dalam selimut..

Tp xpe la...redha je la!

Me baru nk masuk alam tu..lg la xtau pepe! =S

NenekPenne said...

for me, the first 2nd year of marriage, i ada masalah nak sesuaikan diri...yalah kan kita dari latarbelakang dan asuhan yang berbeda... but try very hard to adapt... tak per itu sudah berlalu...tak perlu nak ingatkan lagi...

ppl said man begins at 40... yup betul la tu... begins at 40 bermaksud samada berkelakuan baik atau berkelakuan tak baik... unlucky my exhubby pilih untuk berkelakuan tak baik..i pity him... i pity him for that..

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