Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Mrs Rasaksa..


At this moment,..

I'm already someone else wife.

Update later!!


3 baby's note!:

mimie said...

congratulation my dear.. semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat... jgn dilupa kwn2 lama.. hope u will b smile always...

~ with luv ~

Yani said...

Salam Zihan!
I Wish you the best of life today and in the days to come both of you. Amin.

NahiZ (chynk) said...

Thanx mie dtg majlis aku. Kat Kajang nanti nak dtg jugak x? Sori la, x sempat p visit atok ang..
Thanx again!

Salam..thanx yani for coming,..glad u came! =)
And thanx for ur pray

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