Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short but Satisfied..


I accidentally balik kampung dis week. WHY?

Becoz Mr Rasaksa balik Alor Staq. It was happened that, his cousin past away while he's on the way to fetch me for outing on Saturday evening. Instead of asking me out he offered me if i wana go back to kampung or not. After I think a while, then I said YESSSS!

Ni baru stgh jam sampai kat umah KL. Stop merata gak la td. Stop kat R&R la,.umah acik la..tp forgot nak bagi duit kat aina. It's for her baju pengapit. So i need to bank in for her tomorrow.

Balik to confirm ngan Butik RedFrame. Pn Sabrina, owner of REDFRAME wuld like to give new design to me. But after discussed on a few things, we've agreed to what I want. Alhamdulillah! Senang sungguh borak ngan Pn Sabrina ni.

Untuk Flower Girl, I dh replace ngan dayang2. They are my 2nd cousin on my dad's side. Both twin! And the dress also complete since they gona wear their's.

Cake plak I let mama to handle it. Huu to bad, ms nak gi tempah kedai x bukak lagi. Padahal dh kul 10 lebiy,..aarrgghh SENGAL!

Bedsheet utk KingSize Bed kene beli. So esok I need to merayap.

And I need to finish my Guestbook, Slideshow and Songs List. eerrghhh headache!

K la,..kinda sleepy! Na-nyte....ZZZZZzzzzzzz


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