Friday, February 19, 2010

WDP: Manicure & Pedicure..


huuu~ 7 day's left before I go back my hometown. I dah start pack my stuff. Bukan pe kalo wat last minute takut nanti tertinggal plak. So wat awal x rugi ape-ape. Actually byk sebenarnye barang I yg nak kene pack ni. After married akan move out to rumah hubby plak but since xde kotak lg. Currently I stayed at my aunt's house. So abaikan dulu,..pack slow2 brg nak move out.

Before balik ni ade few things need to be done.

And this is one of it. My fren Eila dah booking on sunday ni. Cant wait to beautify myself. My fren azlin also gona be there join me for this moment...

We are going to this place DEWI DAY SPA. Check it out!!

arrrhhhh soothing....

wana have this nice hand...

I need to have this treatment before apply henna soon at my hometown. But I've not even decided yet wether to do handdrawing henna or plain henna....people,...mind helping me make a decision?


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