Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bridal Shower..


Bersiaran dari Setiawangsa, Keramat. Using my kazen laptop.

Today ade event. So I tumpang my hubby to KL. Malas nak drive. Nanti balik bleh balik same2. hehe (balik asing2 borinnngg..)

My MOH, EILA PINKY is going to get married soon. So we plan this for her. Sue Zir (her sister) becuming the host. I x bape nk larat to handle an event dalam keadaan cm ni (Boonncchiiitt with baby). Even masa wedding die nanti pun I just wat ringan2 je. Cian kat die, I support to help her since she helped me a lot on my wedding day. Namun apekan daya, saya ter"Preggy"...

Ooowhhh I need to be there earlier to help Sue set up the place. My kazen Aina also gona join me...

Hopefully she gona like it...and always be happy!

Cant wait to see her in her wedding dress!...

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