Sunday, February 27, 2011

1st Wedding Anniversary!


26 February 2010 to 26 February 2011 = 1 YEAR

Terasa macam baru je lepas majlis..padahal dh ade anak pun! huhu

Semalam me n my hubby g celebrate kat Tenji Japanese Restaurant. This time my treat.

Dalam resto ni it's not only Japs food. Ade western, ade chinese, ade dessert and etc. But my most fav is salmon sashimi, oyster, soba, takoyaki, and dessert. Actually byk gak try tp x igt nama, main bedal je. Tp puas la dpt mkn sashimi and oyster. Nyum nyum...

Before this penah gak g Jogoya kat Star Hill, pun best gak! Maybe after this nak g try Kikyo plak kat Puchong.

To Mr Rasaksa aka Daddy,
Mummy loves daddy so much.
Pray to Allah that our marriage will lasting till the end of our time.
And we both have a strength to face all the challenges together,
be supportive to each other and always be loving forever...

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