Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Greatest Daddy & Tok Papa..


Ahad lepas My Dad (Tok Papa Nazhan) x pegi mana2. Not even play golf. Since mama plak keje kat alor star so sunday is her working day.

Tok Papa is soooo great. Y I said that?? Ye la, he's taking care of me and baby nazhan if mama and hubby not around. Masa pantang kat umah atok, he even sleep with Nazhan sebab time subuh tu Nazhan cam cranky ckit.

So ahad tu early in the morning, he boiled air daun for my bath. He do a laundry, my baju2, my baby's baju, and his baju. Then he do cooking, washing dishes, clean the house, clean the backyard, repair rumah kayu, and taking care of my baby when ever he get cranky or when I need to pump.

Basically he will do everything like a housewife. Isnt he great??

Mama penah cite, masa kiteorg baby sume nye papa yang handle kan. Mandikan kiteorg, get dress up, tuam badan kiteorg, serba serbinya papa yang handle. Tolong my mum yg dalam proses berpantang.

Luckily my hubby one of a kind! (thumbs up!)..hehe
I dont expect he does everything for me, but I'm really admired him taking care of our baby, bath, change diapers and etc. He also cooks for me, healthy meal! I wont forget the 1st time he cooked me Vege soup. He's accidentally burn the garlic and shallot...hehe..

1st time I'm away from him for my confinement period, I've cried a lot that 1st night at home. I should be happy to be at my parent's house. But instead of being happy, I feel so sad coz my hubby wasnt with me. I couldnt do this thing alone, taking care of my baby without him. I feel so difficult, doing things all by myself. At that time I realized, I cant live without him. It became worse when my baby's crying, I cant handle it. When baby crying the one who is consoling the baby is him. He gave me a call that night, and I burst to tears. Couldnt hold it crying like a child lost her mother. huhuhu...aku yg cengeng!

Thank Allah for these 2 persons in my life...

Aku x cite pasal mama kah yg banyak berkorban?? Nanti akan diceritakan ok. Die sah2 pompuan yg wat sume keje2 ni. Cume entry ni memuji daddy(Mr Rasaksa) and My Dad(Tok Papa Nazhan).

Ps: Papa suke gune Pak Tok...mcm patok plak! hehehe

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