Thursday, March 31, 2011

Qistina Birthday Bash


Last Saturday is Qistina Birthday. She is my schoolmate doter, Nor Izwanie Nordin. We've been fren since high school. Mula2 tu xde la rapat sangat and after school we became closer.

On 25th Mac ari tu is her doter 1st Birthday. I still remember the moment I visited her after delivered Qistina last year. So little. And now she's ONE! This thing will happen to Nazhan soon. We cant stop them to grow.

DATE : 26th March 2011
TIME : 3.30 - 7.00 pm
VENUE : Kidz Sport & Gym, Bangsar Village II.

A great place for party, parent gathering, safe indoor playground n etc.

Qistina Birthday Balloons

Qistina Birthday Girl!

Blow the candle together

Qistina's Guest

And this is some pictures taken for Nazhan 1st Birthday Party attended.

Nazhan's Nap Time before party

Nazhan with balloons

Mummy & Nazhan

Nazhan with Daddy

Nazhan with his round eyes

Nazhan lift up his eyebrow

Planning for Nazhan Akikah(1 goat) and His 1st Birthday next year soon...

2 baby's note!:

sweetlavender86 said...

nape laaa xjumpee gym ni ari tu.puas kiotrg carik tempat nk buat besday adam.last2 buat kt rumah jek.mcm best je tmpat nie.budak2 mesti sukee.

K.zoe said...

cutenye nazhan... :)
dropping by for the first time.. ")

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