Friday, March 4, 2011

TIPS: Penjagaan Bayi


Ollaaa everyone! Wokes, yesterday entry about Beli Barang Baby. Kalo ade termiss out or anything please betul kan saya. And please share ur experience with me ya.

Ok now let me tell u a bit about penjagaan bayi eventho I know most of Preggy Mummy has attended Antenatal Class. To Mummy to be please take some of ur time to attend this very helpful class. Kalo dapat attend byk antenatal class from various organizer lg bagus. U will learn a lot. As for me one of succesful delivery is learning from Antenatal Class.

I'm quite lucky coz my mum is a nurse(Matron). She is one of advisor for Baby Friendly for Hospital Tunku Fauziah last time. Had a 4 kids and working as a nurse made her experienced enuf advicing me on baby care.

Alright, I share some of what learnt from antenatal class and what my mum tought me in order to discipline the baby.

Basic Practise for Baby's Bath.

Get ready the bathtub with warm water. Makesure u test the temperature with ur elbow.
Prepare your baby by swadling(bedung) him/her with towel.
Wet a cotton ball then wipe the eye from inside out. Mean from the nose side. Dont use the same cotton to wipe ur baby's eye.
Then clean baby's nose and ears.
For baby bathing, start by washing the hair 1st. After that wipe the hair.
Open up the swadles and wash the baby's body.
Last but not least dry the baby.

Baby's Dressing.
Get ready his/her clothes, barut, bedung, bootie/mitten, minyak telon, nappy rash cream, pampers at one side.
Rub minyak telon on baby's tummy and foot to avoid 'masuk angin'.
Then wrap with barut, wear baby with mitten n bootie, wear diaper with nappy rash cream and put on his/her clothes.
Last, wrap baby with swadle blanket.

This is what my mum advice when ever bath or dress the baby.

Setiap kali kite nak wat apa2 kat baby like mandi kan die, tukar diapers or what ever, please inform him/her. Cakap2 ngan die yang kite nak mandi kan die, nak tido kan die or pepe la yang melibatkan die. Mean here we give him/her some respect as we wana gain from him/her soon.

This is the time where u start to discipline him/her. Setiap kali kite wrap die ngan towel before bath, it's a sign to baby that it is his bath time! After dress the baby we swadle him as a sign for feeding time. Kire nye kite upah die after mandi la. Macam kite tengok dolphin show, after wat macam2 tuan die kasi ikan. Same goes to baby(bukan nak same kn ok!)
Everyday rutin die akan macam ni so die akan cepat faham kenape and apa die akan experience after we did something to him/her.

1 minggu pertama x perlu mandikan baby dengan sabun and shampoo. But after basah kan rambut die sikat dulu utk buang daki2 or saki baki darah kat rambut die, then only baru lap kepala die.

I x gune bedak. WHY?? Bedak ade talkum/talc which can harm baby in long term(google k!). I just gune lotion je. Tu pun after 1 or 2 weeks. Kalo ade bintik2 kat muke ke ape..use lotion!

Everytime salin or pakaikan baby with diapers please jangan lupa untuk letak nappy rash cream kat celah2 paha die and bontot. Prevention is better than cure. So stock la nappy rash cream banyak2 ok.

And my mum style is setiap kali baby berak bawak lah g cebuk. Basuh bontot die betul2. Kalo kite pun sure nak basuh ngan air gak kn, xkn men lap2 ngan wet tissue je. Cian bontot baby since tahi die ni akan menyebabkan penyakit. Nak anak anda sakit? Unless kalo salin kat tempat xde air xpe la. But later make sure u wash it.

So far i just mandi kan die skali sehari and lap2 badan die pada waktu2 len. Maybe after 3 months baru start mandi 2 kali sehari. And I do set time for my baby bath which is at 10 or 10.30 am.

Itulah serba sedikit pengalaman dari saya. Not so detail coz byk giler nak eloborate nanti.

If u had other experience drop ur comment ya!


2 baby's note!:

dartdadada said...

zihan...ur babycare almost the same with me...before mandi siapkan barang2 baby semua kan! kita kena disilplin kan baby kan Dia boleh faham bila nak mandikan dia...anyway i mandikan baby petang jugak...supaya dia boleh tidur lena malam...try la..its harm to the baby...:)

NahiZ (chynk) said...

A' my mum ajar if not i xtau pun..but now dh x bedung die pun b4 mandi or minum redah je..
Oo really, I pun dgr cm tu lg nyenyak tido. But my mum ckp xpayah lg..tunggu die 3 bln++ then baru start mandi 2 kali sehari...

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