Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Workplace

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Bersiaran sementara berehat2 di ofis.
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Pn Zihan dah kembali bekerja?....Ooowhhh YES, I'm working currently with new company.

Based on my previous entry here, I berhenti kerja and terus bekerja di rumah. Tp memandangkan I ade komitmen, I need to work man. Who's gona pay my car loan??..My study loan?...and etc..etc. Lagi pun boring lah duduk rumah. Siyesly, aku rasa terbengap kejap duk kat umah. Otak x generate langsung. Now dah keje, rasa macam need to push my brain generate n manipulate all those info.

My new company is located at Bukit Jalil area. Yes, jemmed area. Pergi dan balik tersangat lah jem kat Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil and Bulatan Lumba Kuda. So selalunya it takes me around 1 hour utk sampai ke ofis/rumah. I'm still working in IT company but I'm in prog, data admin or anything related to technical IT. I'm more to IT Sales & Marketing. My job is to assist my bosses in handling projects, clients and anything that involved in Business Development. Siyesly banyak projects yg nk kene swallow system yg perlu dikhatam. Tender pun kene wat gak. Kinda bz but I like it.

The environment here is totally different from previous office. The organizations flow, the products, how they handling projects, how they manage things are very interesting. Here I feel more motivated. They appreciate us well. Make me wana improve more. Baru sebulan kat sini, the feeling cant be compared. Salary is much higher and benefit more or less the same. But it just not covering my baby n hubby. But it's ok, can use hubby's medical card. Hopefully I can improve myself a lot here. I'll perform and show myself to these pepel that I'm worth it to work here. I'm a company asset not a liability.

Tools to complete my task...
Next week there will be a Hari Raya Party at my office. I was thinking to bring a Red Velvet Cake. Since few bring cakes, En. Hsn asked me to bring something else. So I think I'm gona make a Fruit Cocktail Pudding with Custard Sauce or maybe a bread pudding.

And next month, management will send me for a trainning to be a Trainer. Thank you for the opportunity as it will be my added value for career growth.

People, thank you for praying for me and family so we can have a better life in the Future. And I pray the same thing too!

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