Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Stuff that you dont really need

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

When you are preparing for a baby, especially a first baby, the urge to buy everything everyone says you’ll need is almost too much to resist. But for your sake — resist. Many baby products have an extremely limited lifespan or are completely unnecessary.

A bassinet Yes, you will probably want something smaller than a crib near your bed for the first three months or so of your baby’s life for easy night feeding, but skip the expensive, bulky bassinet — especially if you’re short on space or cash. A Moses basket on a rocking stand has a much smaller footprint, and the basket easily travels from room to room. Keep in mind that neither a bassinet nor Moses basket should be used past its weight limit or once the baby can push up or roll over — three months is a general guideline.

Shoes for newborns This one is hard to resist. There’s possibly nothing cuter in newborn fashion than the world’s tiniest baby shoes. There’s also nothing more pointless. Newborns are barely even aware they have feet, let alone concerned with what they’ll eventually use them for. To keep toes toasty, opt for warm baby booties or socks, depending on the season. Even the most ambitious baby won’t start to walk until 9 months old.

Baby bucket or tummy tub When babies are very small, they don’t need baths — a simple warm washrag will do just fine. And by the time you really do need to dunk them, most won’t enjoy being stuffed into an expensive bucket. One caveat: If reviewers are to be believed, babies with colic do like the tub — but then, do you really want to bet that you’re going to be birthing a colic-y baby? Get a simple, inexpensive bath seat (one that works in the sink does double-duty), and pass it to a friend when your baby graduates to the tub.

Bottle warmers Going without this item saves you time, money, and effort. Room temperature milk (breast or formula) is the way to go from the beginning. If your darling son or daughter insists on warm liquids, put your cold bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes and then do a quick liquid-on-the-wrist test to check temperature. Take the money you saved and put it toward BPA-free bottles and, for picky eaters, a variety of different nipple flow types.

Bukan nak kate, kadang2 kite terlalu eksited sampai kite x tahu mane yg practical. Janji bende tu kite beli.
Like Nazhan case, ade gak a few stuff yg jarang kiteorg pakai.

1. Mothercare Baby Walking Assistant (baby blue) - my bro hadiah
2. My Dear Walker (orange) - my FIL hadiah
3.Sweet Cherry R8 Stroller (grey) - beli sendiri
4. Snow Bear Home/Car Bottler/Food Warmer (white) - beli sendiri

Sib bek barang nazhan byk yang org hadiahkan.
For more info >> Tips: Beli Barang Baby

Dear Reader,

Soon I will make a post of Baby Stuff for Rental. Since Nazhan dont have any siblings to use his stuff so i was thinking to rent out to people who would like to save some money. If you interesting you can come back here at this blog. Of course there will be deposit + price renting every month. The term and condition you can read it when I up the entry.

Thank you.

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