Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Healthy Snack For All

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Change your lifestyle...cceeewwaaahhh!!

Just wana share with you one recipe that I've made masa kid's cooking workshop ari tu. This recipe is really inspiring by simple resources like yogurt, fruits (most preferable fresh fruit..but canfruits also can) and granola.

On Monday, after meeting with clients I spend sometime doing healthy shopping at Organics BMS. I bought prune and raisin for Nazhan and bought myself and hubby a vanilla Almond Agave Granola & organic Soya Miso. I like miso soup as it contain lots of protein and this time would like to try organic miso. My curious is the taste. huhuhu...havent try it yet. remind me Cold Soba ingredients that I bought last time and havent cook it...Later I will share this Cold Soba Recipe.

I've try few granola which I bought from JJ, but never taste as good as this one. And I'm soooooo in love with this granola. Click this link Granola, for further reading.

My new healthy snack....mmnomnomnom

How to consume this:
  1. You can eat it alone like eating nuts
  2. You can have it like cereal, add some milk
  3. You can sprinkle it on your ice-cream, creamy dessert, etc.
  4. You can make yogurt parfait, by arranging the fruits, yogurt n granola in layers.
  5. You can turn it into Granola Bar.
Don't you think it's interesting???

So here is a recipe that I've made on Monday night, simple dessert for hubby and baby before they eat dinner. This is based on the ingredients that I had that day. Basically you can use any fruits that can be complemented with yogurt. Mine, I have strawbery and mango which i put in layers. Example, arrange 1st layer with mango then yogurt, later strawberry and yogurt again. Lastly I sprinkle the granola on top. Or else you can layer it in the middle  as well. Taste??...They like it very much!...Cam hubby ni suke healthy stuff so got compliment from him la. hehehe

Yogurt Parfait my style.....

And last night, I saw mango on dining table. And in the fridge I saw my milk. Ok...not my booby milk that I've stored for Nazhan ya. This is Good Day fresh milk in the fridge. Before that I was thinking to make a mango lassi but too bad my fresh farm yogurt has finished. So i replaced with milk. I blend this 2 ingredients but taste is not so sweet. Just taste the sweetness from mango sucrose. U can add sugar if you want. While I tasting it, the shake becoming thicker. And I believed if I store in frezer it would turn into ice-cream. Suddenly it became one healthy ice-cream recipe for baby.

Creamy Mango Milk Shake

Hopefully this can be my healthy diet menu....

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