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Japanese Food at Home

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Sape sini suka makanan Jepun? So sesape yang suke mesti familiar ngan Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, Sushi Zanmai and many more. And kalo nak lagi best, Japanese Buffet Restaurant like Jogoya, Tenji, Gonbei San and etc. And ari tu hubby banje lunch set kat Kura Japanese Resto kat One World, not so bad n pricey as well.

Abis2 cikai pun dah teringin sangat tp poket kuar rama-rama boleh lg enjoy sushi kat Carrefour and Jaya Jusco (JJ)

Kalo nak tau lebih lanjut bleh search Japanese food kat sini Malaysia Most Wanted Food.

If you ask me what my favourite, would be

raw sushi
vegetable tempura

Miso soup (my lecturer call it sup stoking busuk!)

and my current super duper crazinest obsessed favaourite is

Cold/Zaru Soba

Come,..let me share you what is it..
Cold soba dishes
Chilled soba is often served on a sieve-like bamboo tray called a zaru, sometimes garnished with bits of dried nori seaweed, with a dipping sauce known as soba tsuyu on the side. The tsuyu is made of a strong mixture of dashi, sweetened soy sauce (also called "satōjōyu") and mirin. Using chopsticks, the diner picks up a small amount of soba from the tray and swirls it in the cold tsuyu before eating it. Wasabi and scallions are often mixed into the tsuyu. Many people think that the best way to experience the unique texture of hand-made soba noodles is to eat them cold, since letting them soak in hot broth changes their consistency. After the noodles are eaten, many people enjoy drinking the water in which the noodles were cooked (sobayu), mixed with the leftover tsuyu.[8]

source : Wikipedia

These are the ingredient how to make a cold soba;

varieties of dried soba
Instant Soba
I bought this at 100yen shop
Grated Wasabi
grated wasabi
grated ginger

soba sauce
sliced spring onion
This is my version of ingredient

  1. Boil a water and put the soba in, like cooking maggi.
  2. Once the soba is cook, not aldente or mushy like maggi kembang, straine it through running water until it cold.
  3. Then wash it until the water looks clear.
  4. Straine it again and arrange on zaru (if u had la...if not just pun on ur plate)
 In another small bowl pour the sauce around 2-3 spoon. For me, it is a bit salty so i will add some water which will make the sauce diluted n taste better. Add some sliced onion spring and grated ginger if you want.

How to eat it??

You just dip the soba in the sauce and eat it.

But my way of eating cold soba is a lil different.
I will dip those soba in a small bowl mix with grated ginger, wasabi and sliced onion. Using chopstick you just slluurrrppp it!....nyum nyum. I think Mr Rasaksa would describe this better. hehehe

I would like to try other japanese food like sushi, but he said not worth it to spend. Better off to Sushi King.

Since Mr Rasaksa was graduated from Japan, so he do the translation for me! Or by the way if you can find this ingredient from BMS organic cause my last visit there I saw organic dried soba, Jaya Jusco mostly they have japanese stuff, 100yen, Daiso, Isetan, Village Grocer at Bangsar Village and Cold Storage.

Owwhh before that I want to share the calories in Cold Soba which is;

Nutrition of soba
100 grams of soba yields 344 kcal (1,440 kJ) of energy.[citation needed] Soba contains all eight essential amino acids, including lysine, which is lacking in wheat.
Soba contains a type of polysaccharide that is easily digested. Soba noodles also contain antioxidants, including rutin and quercetin, and essential nutrients including choline, thiamine and riboflavin.

Sooo people, can change from Maggi to healthy Cold Soba...easy to cook as well.
sharing sources from Google and Wikipedia.
Recipe inspired from Just Hungry

ps: balik ni nak wat la...lapaq soba!

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