Monday, June 4, 2012

Gonbei San Japanese Buffet

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
Ollaa everyone. Kinda hectic week for me. Last week my schedule fully occupied. Same goes to this week. I had 4 to 5 tenders to submit. And yes I need to be in the ofis this coming weken. So updates will be like on n off.

Last week eventho that I'm so busy going here and there, completing things here n there I still manage to meet my bestie Azlin. I've purchased Gonbei San Lunch Buffet promotion by Groupon, so I treat her as a Bridal Shower Private Party. hahahah...yaa loorrhh just the 2 of us. Gonbei San is located at Starhill. So by the time I'm step in to the mall, kinda 'peghhakk'. Well it's not my place for shopping but a place to enjoy good food. Nyum nyum...

This is what I enjoy most when having Japanese Buffet.

Ooouuhh I love oyster...tasteee gggoooodd! Something that I cant describe by words.
Like usual raw sushi (salmon n octopus) and softcrab sushi.

Next meal is vege tempura and cold soba....this one very common that I've shared with you all before. Kalo g sushi king, die punye vege tempura pun not bad.

After that I get sashimi salmon, tuna n ape ntah..x ingat name die. And yg dalam mangkuk kecik2 tu is seaweed ngan abalone kot yg dihiris nipis...x igt sushi king ade! =)

Pas tu sembat rembat chicken sukiyaki. It's like soya soup with vege tapi agak manis.
But very refreshing once masuk mulut. hehehe


Settle with sukiyaki, then we proceed plak ngan dessert. Aku suke kuih kacang liat2 tu sebelah tart n choc cake..yang lain common je.

For me overall Gonbei San x sebest Tenji ngan Jogoya. More food and variety.

Semalam tgk Yummy Trail..rasa cam nk g try Ninja Jones plak! tgk blog review cam mahal nak mammmppp....

Tunggu gaji berkoyan dulu la baru p...=)

Ps: Nervously waiting the result for our loan approval....

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3 baby's note!:

Anonymous said...

kat bukit bintang ke tmpatnya ni? area mn ye? halal ek?sy pun peminat susah nak cri yg halal ni.. huhuhu

Zihan Zamberi said...

yep dear. die kat tingkat atas dekat ngan jogoya. Nk kate Halal 100% x la, tp pork free. I byk refer hubby dulu. sbb die tahu byk ckit tntg japanese food nih.

Anonymous said...

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