Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RM1k Challenge is Officially Begin...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Berlalu lah sudah Syawal..Kini Zulkaedah menjelma...ayat klise again "cepatnyee masa berlalu".

Since the offer is on, so I should not delay myself to slim down, get my ideal weight and body shape.

From my previous entry I did mentioned about a reward if I got myself a slim figure. It's mean I can have 2 things in 1 time.

First is Figure (RM)...and secondly Body Figure (ehem ehem,..fewiitt!).

Life is great don't you think?

There is no term and condition. No time limit. Just as long as I'm slim is enough to win myself the rewards.

At the moment, I started to control my food. I took fruits and drink plenty of plain water everyday in the office. And I still need to have my coffee in the morning. Will try to reduce it too especially the sugar part. Owwhh I am a sweet tooth person, craze bout sweet pastry, candy, ice cream n so on. And it's been already 2 weeks I have practise this, and also have my cheats day as well...hehe. I can see my blouse is no longer wraping my arm...feuuhh!

Below is a Food Graph.
- Low Carb Food Pyramid -

I am trying to follow this kind of diet plan, reduce the 1st 3 upper parts and increase more especially on the 1st 4 lower parts. Hopefully it does work on me! Or should my husband follow this with me?? Mati aku nanti mak die tgk anak die kuyus balik...x bg makan kah??!!...Tp most of time balik umah mama, MAKAN!

And ehem ...ehem...I also taking this one product to help me out. Well yeahh..some people said that if I stick to certain healthy diet program which still allowed u to eat and enjoy ur food and exercise... again EXERCISE!! which at the moment i just do my house chores like sweeping, moping n bla bla..and it does helps right? Dont you think?...Think laaaa..ok. I do need to exercise for my fat, flabby, round, bunchitness tummy!..

I will make a review about it if there is a change on my weight n figure....wait for the result ya! =)

Owhh yess 1 more thing before I forgot, Please do pray for me to get the price k! muahhs

Ps: now sibuk google low card recipe!

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sweetlavender86 said...

kak ann amek sd2 ker?it's really work on u?klu jadi nk try jugak! ;p

Zihan Zamberi said...

Syima: Thanx..

Asiah: Insyallah

Azura: hehehe,,.ade lah! nnti mujarab baru kak an share ye! =)

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