Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Being eeEEMOOOWw


I'm being a little bit emotional tonight. Suddenly i feel like writting at this hour. Feel sleepy but a courage from out of no where just rise in me.

Time are running so fast dont you think??..Leave us behind. I remembered talking to my ofis colleague, we were counting days from monday to friday just waiting for our weekends. Everyweek are like that. counting,..counting,..and counting! Days are getting meaningless...

Every day is a same day for me, every morning i wake up i go to work then come back and rest at home. At night watching tv or surfing, reading, or maybe sleep early. But that imposible coz i didnt sleep early unless if i'm sick. But that also doesnt stop me to stay up late. Only after sms with my baby, had a simple chat then only i can off to bed. He is my routine here! What's my life going to be without him with me? It's weird if we dont speak for a day. Enuf for a day, feel completey strange!

I miss lots of things! Especially my family. Miss mama, miss papa and my bros...Miss the annoying moment with them. At home i can do so many things, not like here kind a limited.

Can i just be away from everything?? Seriousss...suddenly i feel like i'm missing sumthing!

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