Thursday, July 2, 2009

Being Healthy


This week is my sandwich week! Healthy week! Tp pagi je la, tghari dh x bape nk healthy. I'm a morning person, so i like bfast more than anything. But sumtime i'll skip my bfast if i find out there is no bfast that i like! Too bad, maka dgn itu my lunch sure la heavy..which is not good anyway! For dinner i didnt take after 9pm. Most of the time around 7 dh mkn. Tp kalo lapar balik mlm tu, biscuit adalah di harus kn!

Sandwich yg paling best yg penah aku rasa, x len x bukan sandwich mama! Sandwich sardine je tau. Tp marveles!..And sampai sekarang aku suke sandwich!

So here is a recipe for sandwich that i first learnt in school, ERT Subject!

Sandwich Telur

1 biji telur rebus
sedikit garam
sedikit lada sulah/hitam

1. Lenyek dan hancurkan telur rebus.
2. Tambah kan garam dan lada sulah sesedap rasa
3. Akhir sekali sapukan butter dan telur pada roti.

Simple kan! Ni kire style malas abis la! Maklum la kalo time2 kenduri kan byk dapat u can try this! Your kids and adik also can try this at home.

Actually ade banyak bahan untuk wat sandwich ni. Even ade banyak jenis roti juga. Ade hot sandwich n cold sandwich, vege, meat, bacon and etc. Depend on your taste bud! Later i'll cover you the ingredient part for sandwich.

So why don't we start living a healthy life style early in the morning by having a wonderful breakfast.

*imagine myself having big english bfast on bed...=D

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