Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to say this..


Aku sangat sediy...sediy sangat2! Orang yang aku harapkan memberi kekuatan kepada aku, rupanya memberi harapan palsu!...

So unbelievable!! Am i not having any right to let out what i feel, how i feel? Semua serba x kena...wat x kena..x wat pun x kena! i'm in the middle!

Sangat berserabut dis week.

i should stay out of the light for a while...better stay in the dark..
so i can find my courage living in this cruel world! I cant depend on anyone any longer...anymore!

he's staring at me
i'm sitting wondering what he's thinking,
nobody's talking,
cause talking just turns into screaming,
and now as im yellin' over him, he yellin' over me,
all that that means, is neither of us is listening,
and what's even worse is that we don't even remember why we're fighting.

so both of us are mad for, nothing
fighting for, nothing
crying for, nothing
but we wont let it go for, nothing
no not for, nothing
there should be, nothing
to a love like what we got,

i know sometimes its gonna rain,
but baby can we make up now cause i can't sleep through the pain.
boy i don't wanna go to bed, mad at you
and i don't want you to go to bed, mad at me
no i don't wanna go to bed, mad at you
and i don't want you to go to bed, mad at me

baby, this love ain't gon' be perfect
and just how good its gonna be
we can fuss and we can fight
long as everything's all right between us
before we go to sleep
baby we're gonna be...

hopefully everything gona wurk fine!

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