Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working outside


Bersiaran dari Coffee Bean Ampang Point. Am i alone?? Nop, my baby is with me now. Most of the time before i plan to come alone but end up stay on my bed. Dunno why.. But i guess after this i need to biase kan diri being alone...Mati pun stay sorang2 gak kan dalam kubur..=p

I remind him about watching ICE AGE 3 together, becoz we dun get that chances until now. So frustrated! And he asked me to go out with anyone to watch that movie! So sad isnt it. Huuu what to do...Nk pegi ngan sape ni?

Ade few muvi yg nk tgk,..dah susun pun. MENNNCCIKKK!!

Last nite before we go out for dinner with my ofismates. He told me that he bought something for me. It wasnt my beday anyway. Weirdo! Jarang die cm gini..But thank you Baby!..He got me a pair of pink crocs which i think it so sweet. Suddenly got me a present must be sumthing...let's figure out what is that thing...orrrr never think at all.

Tomorow he's going to Melaka, working! There's go my weken...Seriusly need to learn to stay n b alone..Anyone can teach me on this??

Still there is a few work need to be done by tonite..huuuhhh semestinye aku xleh tido. Then esok pagi bfast bersama kak mona...and tgh hari meeting with client which...uuurrrggggghhhhh! (pepaham la ekk!)

Kene kuat kan semangat untuk close the deal..dah almost at the end of it...cant wait!

Td singgah kat Qreazant, borrowed me a book which i think i'm gonna pamper myself with it...ermmm haruslahh mencari park. Baru ade feeling kn..

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