Monday, October 12, 2009

A little things from me..


Hiii everyooonnneee!! =D.. How are you?? Do you miss meeee??? hehehehe...
Soklan pertama: ade ke owang nk rindu kat aku?? wukukuku..

Banyak hari aku x update pepe kat sini..windu nak hupdate! tp since my HP tu crash and still xde budget allocate utk HP baru, xde laa gambar. And biler xde gambar aku rase cam berat ckit nk hupdate. Rasa cam bebel kosong je xde pikces..booowwiinnnggg kan??

Even Entry on 3rd raya tu pun aku x sempat nak cite lg..tunnngguuu!

Soo ape korunk nk tau dulu?? after the last entry on the specific date,..


My Work.
Alhamdulillah,..the deal that i've been working since end of last year dh close! Got awarded on wednesday lepas. Rasa heppy sangat..n malu2 ckit when people congratulate me. Well if it is not becoz of previous BDE yg bukak jalan. Definitely i wont be able to close this deal. Wana thanx him too!! I will get my 1st comission upon payment by that dept soon. But this is only the 1st phase...2nd phase will coming soon. My boss said that i'm the account manager for this particular client. And seriously i fell kinda excited to find more biz opportunity and able to close more deal. So my comp will feel worth it to hire me and has me as an asset! =D So many things to learn, so long road to take. There is no shortcut to success.... CHAIYOK!! CHAIYOK!!

My Life.
Since got enggaged with my raksasa comel (baby), feel not much different. We got only around 4 and half months to prepare..but we havent start at most of the part. The listing is with me already. Next month, the hunting of our needs will begin. And this is where the arguing part will start...right?? Will update on this part later ok...

I'm also waiting for my KICAP!! Yayyyy! Is this a gift?? or a responsible??...*sigh*

Ayahanda is coming tomorrow..cant wait! I wana spend most of the time left with him before i becuming my raksasa's wife.

A night before Tunang...

aku: Papa...nnti along kawin, angah jadi wali tau..and papa jadi jurunikah k!
papa: Laa nape plak??..papa wakilkan tuk kadi je la untuk nikah kan..
aku: alaaaa paa...nape plak?? =( (dh mule emo...)
papa: papa rasa mcm x sampai hati plak...
aku: ermm tp nape pa??..along kan sorang je anak perempuan papa..and for the 1st and the last time...along nak la papa yg nikah kan...(time ni air mata dh bergenang..)
papa: sebab kamu anak papa pompuan sorang la..papa x sampai hati..len la kalo papa ade ramai anak x kisah laa kalo nak nikah kn...takut nanti papa x terlafaz...haa cm ne??..
pakcik: selalunye memang cm tu along..anak pompuan sorang ni susah ckit!
aku: (dah merah mate..dh bergenang air mata..pas tu terus masuk bilik..)

Actually at 1st aku x faham nape papa x nak...coz my last wish is i want my dad to marry us..Aku tibe2 sediy sangat bile papa xnak...After that baru aku paham ayat die..when he mention, i'm the only doter,'s hard for him to let me go to someone else...someone that got my attention! He did talk about wife responsible that night. And mende ni pun dh buatkan aku merambu air mata...
Die kate.."x lame lagi papa dh nak lepas kan tanggungjawab ni kat bakal suami kamu. so ingat ni...Kamu kene taat kat suami kamu dah lepas nih!!"... T_T

Tomorrow wana watch movie with him...Dinner with him...and sleep over at his place...

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